I’m a media artist, based in México.

I use different approaches to transform space such as photography, live sound performances, and installation.

I work directly with the sound matter through an “extended” mixer board, contact microphones and disused hard drives. With these elements I generate sound that depends largely on chance an on the construction in the moment.

My aesthetic approach looks for that vulnerable moment in which nothing is determined beforehand, “becoming fragile” in order to respond to the conditions that music creates.

I have presented my work in Tsonami Festival (CHIL), CODED CULTURES Fest (AUS), Studio 8 Berlin (GER),  SPECTRUM Berlin (GER) No Idea Festival  (USA), Laboratorio Arte Alameda (MX), Ex Teresa Arte Actual (MX), Cha´ak´ab Paaxil / Multiple Tap (MX), Museo De Arte Contemporaneo de Oaxaca (MX),  Museo Arte Contemporáneo De Tlaxcala (MX), Centro Cultural España (MX),Museo del Chopo (MX),OPEERA(MX), Del Rex (GER), Madame Claude (GER), Rhiz  (Vienna)  residency at Klelylehof f(AT)

I have presented my work with  Burkahard Stangl, Angelica Castello, Andrea Neumann, Bonnie Jones, Duo with Cristian Alvear, Annette Krebs, Rolando Hernández, Mario De Vega, Dafne Vicente-Sandoval and Yann Leguay. Trio with Toshimaru Nakamura and Jacob Wick, Juan García and Chris Cogburn. And  ensembles under direction by Christian Wolf and  Santiago Astaburuaga.

I organize alongside with Rolando Hernandez UMBRAL Series.+